Types of IT Managed Solutions


If your business is considering outsourcing its IT functions, you may not be sure where to start because you do not understand how it works. Perhaps you are wondering if you can outsource some services and still maintain your internal IT department. You could also be wondering if you can let the managed services provider (MSP) do everything IT for you. The best way to get things moving is perhaps to understand the types of IT managed solutions. Then from this understanding and based on the size of your business you can begin the process of engaging an IT MSP.

There are three main categories of MSPs and each operates under unique value proposition for the benefit of your business. These categories are based on the nature of services offered, level of responsibility to the client’s business, size of your business and the scope of the outsourced IT Solutions Denver firm. Here are the main categories simplified for you.

Pure play (low-level) Managed Service Providers

Players in this category define themselves in terms of a management service provider as opposed to managed services provided. Generally, they have small global footprint. Therefore, they concentrate on services such as monitoring networks and performance of applications. They are not responsible for the client’s business. Their activities include reporting problems and issuing alerts when there are problems with the website or system. You can look at them as some sort of consultants.

Mid-level or Staffing -managed service providers

These types of Cloud IT Services providers are characterized by separate MSP and staffing departments that function autonomously from each other. They are not too big and not too small, the size of the pure play. The mid-level MSPs have a wider scope of offerings to their clients and can deliver as many services as possible. For instance, they take care of the client’s systems and website when they go down and ensure its functionality is restored within the shortest time possible. On top of the monitoring and reporting functions, they do software patches, upgrades and installation for the client. Most mid-level MSPs have large operations and some target huge clients in the league of Fortune 500 companies.

High-level MSPs

This category of services providers is basically a one-stop shop. They allow the clients to outsource an entire IT system if it suits their needs. They offer full-range of services from lower level (such as pure play) services and intermediate like the ones offered by mid-level MSPS. Then they go ahead to provide a whole variety of long-established IT managed services. Their level of responsibility to your business will depend on your budget. They can be small or large depending on the faction. Visit http://www.ehow.com/info_12237807_whats-technology-behind-cloud-computing.html to learn more about these discussions.


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